Intelligent – Power Inverter 3000W – 24VDc + automatic charger

SP-4000 Model Number SP-3000c
3000W+charger Specifications
Output Power
3000 W Continous Power
5500 W Surge Power
Standby Current < 0.6 A
Input Voltage DC 20V-30V
Output Voltage AC 100V, 110V, 120V,
220V,230V, 240V
Output Waveform Modified Sine Wave
Efficiency >85%
» Initial Checking Auto Detecting Wrong Battery
Cont. ex. 12V / 24V
» Output Regulation ± 5% Intelligent PWM
» Output Frequency 50Hz or 55Hz or 60 Hz
Crystal Controlled
» Cooling Auto Operation Fan
» Output Short Output Short Circuit Protection
» Low Battery <21.5V ± 0.5V Pre Alarm
<20.5V ± 0.5V Shutdown & Alarm
» Over Heating >60°C ± 5°C Pre Alarm
± 5°C Shutdown & Alarm
» Overload >3000 W Pre Alarm
>3200 W Shutdown & Alarm
Battery Polarity Everse By Fuse
Fuse 15A * 16 Pcs
AC Outlet 3AC Outlets
European Types: 2 AC Outlets
Automatical Switch

Transfer Time

AC Line -> inverter
Inverter -> AC Line

AC Line -> inverter 16 ms
Inverter -> AC Line 16 ms


Charger Current

420 x 169 x 152mm (LxWxH)

5 Amp

Net Weight 10 Kg

3 Responses to Intelligent – Power Inverter 3000W – 24VDc + automatic charger

  1. Mohammad Yunus says:

    Could you please send me more detail information about this product inclusive how many consumsion hours, duration of the battery, the price(in IDR if possible), and method of payment . Does it cost included with internal battery. Appreciate it if you could send me immediately. Thank you.

  2. winstore says:

    Cth perhitungan ketahanan:
    mis beban 100w, aki yang digunakan 12V, maka didapat: 100w/12V=10A
    Aki yg dipakai 50Ah, maka didapat: 50Ah/10A=5 jam
    Efisiensi aki kurang lebih 1-1.5jam maka total didapat: 3.5-4 jam
    Utk harga bisa lihat di

  3. prince hafee says:

    good day dear winstore team…
    I have this inverter 300w and i using this inverter at home with 200 ah battery. But i am facing two issue.
    1. why my ups is going auto off after 2 hours using (with 500 wats load). adn what is the salotion to incress the inverter time.
    2.I using the externel charger for battery charging.the inverter dos’nt charg the battery properly and also when the AC power is avibal it’s dosnot bypass the auto power on AC supply.
    hoe u will reply to me. and also plz reply me on my email id.

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