Intelligent – Power Inverter 1200W – 12VDc + automatic charger

SP-4000 Model Number SP-1200c
1200W+charger Specifications
Output Power
1200 W Continous Power
2400 W Surge Power
Standby Current < 0.5 A
Input Voltage DC 10V-15V
Output Voltage AC 100V, 110V, 120V,
220V,230V, 240V
Output Waveform Modified Sine Wave
Efficiency >85%
» Initial Checking Auto Detecting Wrong Battery
Cont. ex. 12V / 24V
» Output Regulation ± 5% Intelligent PWM
» Output Frequency 50Hz or 55Hz or 60 Hz
Crystal Controlled
» Cooling Auto Operation Fan
» Output Short Output Short Circuit Protection
» Low Battery <10.5V ± 0.5V Pre Alarm
<9.5V ± 0.5V Shutdown & Alarm
» Over Heating >60°C ± 5°C Pre Alarm
± 5°C Shutdown & Alarm
» Overload >1200 W Pre Alarm
>1300 W Shutdown & Alarm
Battery Polarity Everse By Fuse
Fuse 20A * 9 Pcs
AC Outlet 2AC Outlets
European Types: 1 AC Outlets
Automatical Switch

Transfer Time

AC Line -> inverter
Inverter -> AC Line

AC Line -> inverter 16 ms
Inverter -> AC Line 16 ms


Charger Current

360 x 190 x 80mm (LxWxH)

10 Amp

Net Weight 5 Kg

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